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"I think you did a super job on Toronto's Kay Gardner Beltline Bridge at Yonge Street… I'm an enthusiast for old riveted structural steel work, so was very pleased to see the results of your dedicated effort there." Keith Haughton


Harrison Muir employs a skilled workforce drawn from the International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades. Many of Harrison Muir's supervisors and senior trades people have been employed with the company for many years, ensuring that the company's workforce is well versed in the expectations of management regarding safety, productivity and a commitment to excellence.

  1. Innovative value-added solutions
    1. Zinc rich primers (inorganic and organic)
    2. Epoxies, urethanes, vinyl esters, reinforced polyester and conventional paints
    3. Food/Pharmaceutical Grade Protective Coatings
  2. Superior customer service
  3. Corporate strength
  4. Management is dedicated to providing traditional small business personalized service accompanied with a large company workforce and equipment resource strength

The HM workforce enjoys continued skills development training which is provided through participation in courses from: The Construction Safety Association; The International Brotherhood of Painter and Applied Trades Training Center; and other professional training services.