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Specialty Services

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In addition to our regular services, we also offer a number of additional diverse, value added solutions.

Safely Remove Lead Paint

Containment is critical when removing lead paint, as inhalation poses a serious health risk. At Harrison Muir, we can safely remove lead paint with our full containment and dust collection systems. You can feel at ease knowing your project will be completed safely according to all government regulations.

High Heat Paint

Certain industrial structures require coatings that can withstand extremely high temperatures, including exhaust stacks, manufacturing furnaces and pressure vessels. It is imperative for proper surface preparation to be completed prior to receiving high temperature resistant coatings.


Spray metalizing (thermal spraying) is a process of coating metal onto the substrate. Two metal wires (zinc or aluminum) are inserted into the torch so they contact each other at the nozzle. Placing an electrical load on the wires causes the tips to melt when they touch. Compressed air then strips the molten metal off the wires and transports it to the surface.


Often prior to coating, the surface may require designated substance decontamination. Depend on the contaminants, a process to properly remove and dispose them according to government regulations is required. Typically, we provide services to remove hazardous substances such as oil, caustics, acids, organics and other foreign matter.