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We Help Your Vital Assets Last Longer

At Harrison Muir, we help you maintain your assets and extend their lifetime through a variety of protective painting and coating services.

Our services include shop and field work for corrosion protection of wood, steel, and concrete surfaces. Surface preparation services are by hand or machine methods, then followed by application of most protective coatings including epoxies, urethanes, zinc rich primers, vinyl esters, reinforced polyesters, metalizing, and conventional paints.

Harrison Muir Services‚Äč

Heavy Industry, Buildings and Institutions

For the heavy industry, building and institution owners, Harrison Muir provides application of protective coatings, architectural finishes, specialty interior and exterior restoration, and plant decontamination.


For the automotive industry, services include process cleaning of equipment, booths, tanks, and piping and application of protective coatings, equipment painting, tank lining, safety markings, and identification.

Structural Restoration

Complimentary to diverse contracting services, Harrison Muir also provides structural restoration services for  steel and concrete structures.

We Solve Difficult Projects

Professional personnel at Harrison Muir provide solutions to difficult projects using unique containment systems and innovative equipment resources. Their dedicated employees have a time-proven history of workplace competence, reliability, safety and quality.